What is E-Tester?

E-Tester is a unit-testing framework for Eiffel. It consists of three clusters, which, when added to your system, will allow for easy development of test suites.  In the E-Tester Links section of this page you can refer to the E-Tester Getting Started Guide and the E-Tester Developer Reference.
E-Tester has only been tested under ISE Eiffel. A port to SmartEiffel is coming soon.

Why do I need E-Tester?

Unit Testing is an important part of Software Development.  In fact, proponents of Test Driven Development (TDD) argue that unit testing should drive the development and even the design of the software.  E-Tester provides a robust full-featured unit-testing framework for Eiffel and works symbiotically with Design by Contract (DbC).  The bottom line... using E-Tester along with DbC will lead higher quality code.  Also, you may be compelled to use it in a course ;-) .

How do I download E-Tester?

E-Tester is available here.  It is suggested that you also download the GUI frontend (JRE required) available here.

How do I install E-Tester?
  1. Save the etester library into a local directory.
  2. Unzip etester2.1.zip (should create a folder named etester2-dev)
  3. Add the etester2-dev cluster to your eiffel system. In EiffelStudio, simply create a project and add the cluster by going to Project -> Project Settings and selecting the Clusters tab. Enter the location of etester2-dev and name the cluster.cluster view
  4. Make sure that all assertion checking is turned on

How do I install E-Tester-GUI?
  1. Download etester-gui (see the download section)
  2. Ensure that a Java Runtime is installed on your machine.
  3. Launch etester-gui by typing in a console: java -jar etester-gui.jar (or under Windows, simply right click on the icon and select open with... and choose javaw)
How do I use E-Tester?

After installing E-Tester and E-Tester-GUI, you may begin developing your unit tests as a single class.  See this simple example and this more verbose example.  Tests are easy to write. There are two kinds of tests:
(a) boolean test cases and
(b) violation cases

E-Tester-GUI displays the output as shown here. The executable test suite location should point to the executable file in the EIFGEN/W_code directory of your project. The Location of output should point to the html file (in the same directory by default).

You can also write test suites and use fixtures (setup/teardown).

E-Tester Links

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